20 Foot Standard

New, used & refurbished shipping containers for sale.

Addis Containers can supply a wide range of used and refurbished 20 foot shipping containers from our depot in Auckland.

Delivery available throughout Auckland, Waikato & Northland regions.

All containers are priced according to age and condition, and for convenience we grade them according to the appropriate use. 

AVAILABLE STOCK CHANGES DAILY. Contact us today for a competitive quote. 


Export Category

Export Category used containers, as their name suggests, are sea certified and ready for export of any dry, non-perishable goods. They have generally seen low use, and are clean and tidy inside and out.

✓ Low use
✓ Clean & tidy interior
✓ Weather-proof & lockable
✓ Seaworthy Certification

Suggested Uses:
export / shipping, and "sensitive" goods storage


Storage Category

Storage Category containers are suitable for any dry storage applications.

They are clean and tidy inside, with no odour and have been rust treated and patch painted if necessary. Storage Category containers are not necessarily sea certified.

✓ Weather-proof & water-tight
✓ Vermin-proof
✓ Rust-treated & patch painted
✓ Some units available Sea Certified

Suggested uses: 
furniture storage, modification, retail goods, household goods.


Machinery Category

Machinery Category 20 foot used containers are suitable for non-sensitive storage applications such as tools, machinery and building materials. They may have some surface rust, but are secure and weathertight.

As these containers are not sea certified (IICL-5) they are NOT suitable for transporting goods by sea.

✓ Lockable
✓ Weather-proof
✓ Minimal surface rust
❌ NOT export rated / sea certified

Suggested uses:
machinery storage, tools, building materials / site storage, farm equipment, temporary workshops, cars and parts, and non-fragile items


Bargain Category

Bargain Category used containers are of variable condition, and may not be suitable for some uses.

✓ hard-working bargains
✓ weather-proof - no holes
✓ lockable
✓ structurally sound
❌ NOT export rated / sea certified

20 Foot Standard Shipping Container Dimensions

Width: 2440mm
Height: 2600mm
Length: 6058mm

Width: 2352 mm
Height: 2395 mm
Length: 5898 mm

Cubic Volume: 33.2 cubic m
Door Width: 2340 mm
Door Height: 2280 mm
Tare Weight: 2200 kg