Custom Paint & Branding

Addis Containers can custom paint your container to match your corporate colours and apply sign written logos. 

Protective Paints

ADDIS Containers Ltd has changed the paint system previously applied to our containers. In the past we have relied on imported standard container paint but we can now provide new, exciting and modern finishes.

We strongly support "Made In New Zealand". ADDIS Containers Ltd is pleased to welcome Protective Paints Ltd as our preferred paint supplier. Protective Paints is a proudly New Zealand owned company. The original company was established in 1968 (40 years ).

We believe this change will benefit our clients with the following improvements:

  • A superior quality paint with improved longevity, and less oxidising and "chalking".
  • Improved primer systems.
  • Professional, accurate, comprehensive colour tinting, covering colour codes from the ColourSteel, PowderCoat, Dulux, Resene, and many other ranges.
  • Full technical backup.
  • Helpful trouble shooting and problem solving.
  • Protective Paints has quality products designed for New Zealand Conditions, offering protection and aesthetic value to any painting project.
  • Protective Paints has a range of products which includes Protective Paints Industrial coatings, Protective Paints marine coatings, flooring, furniture and decorative coatings.

Protective Paints has distributors around New Zealand. Protective Paints also distributes all their products through Paint and Decor Outlets see website